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Challenge Distance
16 km

Sixteen challenging kilometers with 50 moderately difficult obstacles that will take you even deeper into the mystical terrain of the Erzberg. Dirtrun newbies should stay away from this distance for now and try the FUN Distance. All those who are looking for a sportive challenge and a new dirtrun experience will be more than happy with the CHALLENGE distance. 


Hard Facts

16 kilometers
220 meters of altitude (1)
450 meters of altitude (2) 


(1) Difference between starting point and highest point. 


(2) Ascents plus reascents after descents. Negative vertical meters (descents) are not included.

Climbs/reclimbs with less than 3m difference in altitude are not considered.


Four or more people can form a team. All team members must be registered for the same distance.

The three fastest teams (male, female, mixed) will be scored.


The earlier you register, the cheaper it is for you! More info about the entry fee jumps will follow!

Online registration possible until 07.07.2024.


Late registration is possible online and at the event!

Functional shirt

Order your original "Krone Erzberg Adventure Days" sports shirt of the new collection at an exclusive special price until 07th of  March 2024!

Order directly at the registration!

Dirtrun 16 km

from € 83

© Mario Bühner,

© Mario Bühner,

This is what awaits you!


The Gösser-Route

Appearances are deceptive. Do you find it easy to shoulder a crate of beer? Then the 1.2 kilometer Gösser route around the turquoise-blue mud pond is probably no problem for you. A widespread misunderstanding: The bottles may not be drunk!


Warmed up into the mud

The girls from The Jungle Body Leoben will make sure that your muscles are all warmed up so that you can start your adventure top-motivated. With the right exercises they will prepare you to master every single obstacle!


Jump into the mud

The diving tower is your outdoor pool highlight? Show us your most magnificent somersaults, funniest jumping styles and most elegant cannonballs or the perfect backflip.

With a water depth of almost 3 meters anything is possible at this obstacle!

© Mario Bühner, emotioninpictures.at_7316_20210717_115144_196926094.png


The worldwide unique obstacle you will experience only at the "Krone Erzberg Adventure Days". Climb into the gigantic water basin (capacity of 2.5 million liters) from which you can only escape with support. Feel the mountain and overcome the obstacle.

Information for your participation

  • Participation criteria
    Minimum age People over the age of 16 are eligible to participate. People under the age of 18 must hand in a signed declaration of consent from a person with parental authority when collecting the starting numbers.
  • Course
    The AT&S Vertical Iron Sprint takes you over the steepest and most challenging section of the Erzberg dirt run course - up the famous "water pipe". At the Erzberg Rodeo/Red Bull Hare Scramble, the toughest off-road single race in the world, the "water pipe" mercilessly throws off dozens of professional riders every year and has always been considered one of the central "stumbling blocks" in the course of the race. At the Erzberg Dirtrun, too, the water pipe is the crucial sticking point right at the beginning of the course. If you make it, you will continue on a breathtaking course with up to 60 more obstacles. If you don't make it, the fun was short-lived and you get to try your luck again next year. Now it's going to be tougher than ever: cover the 180-meter course over Erzberg scree as fast as possible and climb 92 meters of altitude on an extreme incline. The steepest section measures 97%, but even on average you'll have to fight against a gradient of over 50%!
  • Start number distribution | Registration on site
    When? Possible on the day of the competition, 13.07.2024, from 07:30 a.m. onwards. Where? At the event area, concrete information will follow The following documents are required to receive your START NUMBER: valid photo ID Ticket (confirmation of registration) For under 18-year-olds: declaration of consent of a parent or legal guardian (Download) The following documents are required for REGISTRATION ON SITE: valid photo ID signed conditions of participation incl. disclaimer (Download) For under 18-year-olds: declaration of consent by a parent or legal guardian (Download) >> In case of registration on site the entry fee has to be paid in cash!
  • Timetable (Start & Finish)
    Start Water pipe bottom end 1st start: 04:30 p.m. Then about every 30 seconds the next participant is starting. Finish Water pipe top end Participants should be ready to start 45 minutes before the 1st start, because from 03::45-04:00 p.m. the shuttle busses will leave for the starting area of the AT&S Vertical Iron Sprint.
  • Transport to the start/finish
    The Erzberg shuttle takes participants and visitors from the festival area Bohrerschmiede to the start at the lower end of the water pipe. After your run the Erzberg shuttle will take you from the finish at the upper end of the water pipe back to the festival area Bohrerschmiede. The use of the shuttle is free of charge for participants and visitors. Departure for the start: 03:45-04:00 p.m.
  • Time tracking
    Time tracking: MaxFun Sports GmbH Only chips/RFID tags from the timing company can be used at this event. Participants will receive a rental chip at the race number distribution. The rental fee for the chip is € 3,- each.   Chips must be returned immediately after the race.   WITHOUT A CHIP THERE IS NO TIME TRACKING!
  • Rating
    The winner of the day will receive a winner's trophy and PRIZE MONEY. The 2nd and 3rd place (m/f) overall will receive a winner's trophy. ​ TEAM male | female | mixed Four or more people can form a team. The fastest team (male, female and mixed) will be scored and will receive a winner's trophy.
  • Your package
    Package 1 - Regular ticket: free parking at the venue high quality start number >> good assignability of your participant pictures! free luggage drop-off warm-up program with before the run refreshments stations at the start & finish station + at least 3 refreshment stations along the course time tracking high quality finisher medal finisher package with a banana, cereal bar, water, energy drink & refreshing drink free meal after the race (regular/veggie) festive winner ceremony high-quality winner trophies (for daily and class winners and winning teams) digital promotion pass with many discounts & promotions goodie bag with many useful products and extras music and show program Package 2 - Dirtrun combi ticket: You receive the following additional services in your Dirtrun service package: high-quality start number >> easy to assign your participant pictures! refreshments at the start and finish refreshment station time tracking festive winner ceremony high-quality winner trophies for winning teams as well as prize money for the daily winners
  • Arrival
    You can get to the "Krone Erzberg Adventure Days" by car as well as by train + bus. Furthermore, there is a group on Facebook for the formation of carpools from all over Austria. Plan enough time for the journey and come generally in time. We recommend: Arrive at the site at least 1 hour before the start. Participants have to pick up their starting documents 30 minutes before the start and go to the shuttle stop. Click here for further information about your arrival
  • Accommodations
    Around the area are different accommodations to choose from: from a 4-star hotel in the more urban environment to a cottage village in the middle of nature. You can find everything there. During the event days, the accommodations are usually very well booked. It is therefore advisable to look for a suitable place to stay as early as possible. Click here for more information about the accommodations
  • Site regulations
    The Erzberg is still an active mining site. We ask you to follow certain rules during your visit and to adhere to the site regulations so that we can continue to use this unique location and offer you top-class sporting competitions in the future. View site regulations
  • Important information for participants & visitors
    Proper clothing & footwear: You will be in high alpine terrain at Erzberg. Make sure you wear sturdy shoes and appropriate clothing - it's best to wear a double-layered suit, as temperatures can fluctuate greatly between the valley and the summit. Besides: the mountain is full of surprises! From the past years we know that the Erzberg likes to show itself from different sides. From 30 degrees and sweltering heat to a wintery snow-covered summit landscape, everything has been there, even in summer. So be prepared for all weather conditions.
  • Dirtrun combi ticket
    AT&S Vertical Iron Sprint for only € 23,- Participants who register for the Erzberg Dirtrun will receive the ticket for the Vertical Iron Sprint for only € 23,- instead of the regular € 29,-. This discount will be automatically taken into account during online registration.

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© Tom Lamm

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