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Site regulations


By entering the event site of the “Krone Erzberg Adventure Days” (hereinafter referred to as “event”), the visitors (all people present at the venue at the time of the event, such as participants, accompanying persons, event visitors, event partners, subcontractors and employees of the organizer, hereinafter referred to as “visitors”), submit to the site regulations and the regulations of the property owner, the property manager and the organizer of the “Krone Erzberg Adventure Days”. The site regulations apply throughout the entire event area, both on the competition routes and along the boundaries of the competition routes as well as in all immediately adjacent areas and on the entire Erzberg site, which is not freely accessible outside of the event.


Visitors find themselves in an active mining area where mining takes place 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year. The Erzberg is generally a closed area and access is only permitted on the days of the event and for the duration of the competition (including the award ceremony). Unauthorized entry or driving on the site outside of event times is strictly prohibited by the mountain police and will invariably be reported. The mountain must NOT be entered as part of your own training. Unauthorized strolling around the Erzberg is not permitted - return transport for the Erzberg Run & Walk takes place in the organizer's buses! Violations will be reported by VA Erzberg GmbH and an action of trespass will be filed! The right to stay on the mountain is limited to the designated event area and this may not be left under any circumstances. It is strictly forbidden to leave the marked areas on the route and in the finish section during the event. It is not permitted to enter the edge areas of the floors. A safety distance of at least four meters must be maintained from drop-off edges and we strongly advise you to use the route and sidewalks in the middle. The instructions of the security staff and the organizer staff (recognizable by the colored CREW passes or high-visibility vests) must be followed without restriction. Failure to do so may result in expulsion from the premises. In the event of violations of the safety requirements and any resulting damage, the organizer assumes no liability whatsoever!


Termination of participation

In the event of an unscheduled termination of participation in the event (e.g. health problems, etc.), participants and visitors must immediately contact the nearest marshal or crew member (recognizable by the event shirts, crew passes or high-visibility vests). If necessary, this person will inform the emergency services and/or the race management and the affected participant/visitor will be safely driven out of the area. In any case, the independent march back is only possible after consultation with the course staff and only along the designated racing or visitor route (at the Erzberg Dirtrun) or the transport from the route takes place with organizer buses (Erzberg Run, Erzberg Walk, Vertical Iron Sprint).

Emergency evacuation

In the event of a storm, all visitors must take appropriate protective measures on their own responsibility (no staying under trees, near water, etc.). If the event is canceled due to weather-related circumstances (e.g. severe thunderstorms, storms, hail, etc.) or other serious events, this will be announced by the siren sounding three times. In this case, all visitors must quickly go to the nearest assembly point. The location of the meeting points will be announced regularly by the area announcer over the sound system before each competition or will be announced in writing in the safety information for the event. Buses then pick up the visitors from the collection points and bring them to safety. The safety information will be sent to all registered participants by email before the event or will be handed out on site upon access to the site. Participants need to inform their accompanying people and supervisors about the advertised safety information.


Entering the premises is at your own risk. Parents are responsible for their children. Minor children may only stay on the premises under the supervision of an adult - the parents/legal guardians are responsible for ensuring that their supervision is fulfilled. In the event of cancellation of the event, postponement or program changes, no entry fees and/or expenses (e.g. travel, hotel) will be reimbursed. Accidents and damage must be reported immediately to the organizer, the security service or the emergency services of the emergency services.


Every visitor must behave in a way that no one else is endangered, harmed, hindered or harassed. Visitors who are intoxicated, under the influence of drugs or addictive substances or who are not sane for other similar reasons are not allowed access or can be expelled from the venue. In addition, they must behave in such a way that there is no damage to structures, facilities, equipment or objects.


According to the provisions of the Styrian Youth Protection Act*, people up to the age of 16 are prohibited from acquiring, possessing and consuming alcoholic beverages and tobacco products. In this context, the organizer expressly reserves the right to carry out on-site inspections by employees and authorities.


Every person who enters the premises agrees to have sound and image recordings made of them free of charge, by means of direct or time-shifted video display, direct or time-shifted transmission or other transmission or recording, photos or other present and/or future media technologies can be used free of charge. The production of photo and video material for commercial purposes may only take place with accreditation by the organizer. In the case of TV broadcasts and other recordings, the visitor gives their consent to the broadcasting TV company that the recordings made during or in connection with the event may be evaluated using any technical process without compensation and without any time or spatial restrictions.


The distribution of advertising materials, printed materials or other disposable products is prohibited without the written permission of the organizer. In the event of a violation, the organizer is entitled to charge cleaning costs and a usage fee of at least €1,000.


The area is located in the middle of unique nature. Protecting our valuable natural resources and maintaining the natural balance is important to us. Therefore, out of consideration for our environment, no shower gel or shampoo may be used in the showers. We ask for your understanding. The visitor must only dispose of any kind of waste in the event area in the containers provided or the must take it with them when leaving the area. Carelessly throwing away waste on the event site is not permitted.


Taking dogs on the route is not permitted.

EXCEPTION: Erzberg Walk. On the Erzberg Walk, dogs are permitted on the route, but subject to the following conditions: They must be kept on a leash at all times. A muzzle must be put on at the start to protect the interests of the other participants, but can be removed as soon as the field of participants has dispersed. Participants accompanied by an animal must line up at the back of the starting field.

Visitors can take their dogs with them onto the event site. A muzzle and a leash must be worn on the shuttle buses. The use of a leash is mandatory throughout the festival area and along the visitor routes. A muzzle is only required in these areas if an appropriate distance from other people cannot be maintained due to the high volume of visitors.


Site regulations from November 2023

The terms and conditions for participation can be found here.

*Styrian Youth Protection Act, Section 18 Acquisition, possession and consumption of alcohol, tobacco products, drugs and similar substances

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