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13.07.2024 + 14.07.2024

Face the biggest obstacle you ever had: a gigantic mountain made out of iron. The Styrian Pyramid is the largest active mine in Central Europe and is off-limits to endurance athletes the rest of the year. However, once a year and exclusively at the Erzberg Dirtrun, it releases up to 60 obstacles integrated into the unique nature, which you have never experienced at any other Dirtrun. Included are huge natural mud ponds, the largest heavy-duty trucks in the world, abandoned tunnel systems or spoil heaps like lunar landscapes.


No matter whether you are an old OCR fan or a dirtrun novice, don't struggle with ordinary obstacles, but dive into the new dimension of dirtrun instead!

Four dirtrun distances

Select one of the fields below for more information about each distance.


Fun distance
8 km



Extreme distance 
24 km



Challenge distance 
16 km



Weekend Warrior Challenge
13. + 14.07.2024


Further Information

The venue

The trails at Erzberg Dirtrun take you into the most hidden corners of Central Europe's largest active mining mine.

The courses

With us you don't run double laps. In addition to the 40 basic obstacles, each long distance course offers you its own and even more challenging obstacles!

More obstacles

With up to 60 different obstacles the Erzberg Dirtrun offers an incomparably high obstacle density.


Grab a few fellow sports fans, sign up together within one registration process and save: ​

4 or more people - € 3,- / person

Natural obstacles

Erzberg stands for breathtaking natural scenery paired with superlatives: huge natural mud ponds, extreme inclines, abandoned tunnel systems or oversized trucks. Defeat them all!

Race Combinations*

Weekend Warrior Challenge:

8 km Dirtrun + AT&S Vertical Iron Sprint + 24 km Dirtrun from € 175,-


8 km / 16 km / 24 km Dirtrun (respective price at the time of registration)


Vertical Iron Sprint for only € 23,-


16 km / 24 km Dirtrun
(respective price at the time of registration)


8 km Dirtrun from € 55,-

*Discounts only valid on online registrations and are automatically in the system. Only 1 discount redeemable per registration.

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