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16 km


Sechzehn fordernde Kilometer mit 50 mittelschweren Hindernissen, die dich noch tiefer in das mystische Gelände des Erzberges führen. Dirtrun-Neulinge sollten von dieser Distanz erstmal Abstand nehmen und sich an der FUN-Distanz versuchen.
All jene, die auf der Suche nach einer sportlichen Herausforderung und einem neuen Dirtrun-Erlebnis sind, werden mit der CHALLENGE-Distanz glücklich. 


Hard Facts

16 Kilometer
220 Höhenmeter netto (1)
450 Höhenmeter brutto (2) 


(1) Differenz Startpunkt bis höchster Streckenpunkt. 


(2) Anstiege plus Wiederanstiege nach Abstiegen. Negative Höhenmeter (Abstiege) sind nicht berücksichtigt.

Anstiege/Wiederanstiege mit weniger als 3m Höhendifferenz sind nicht berücksichtigt.


Ab 4 Personen könnt ihr ein Team bilden. Alle Teammitglieder müssen für dieselbe Distanz gemeldet sein.
Die schnellsten drei Teams (jeweils männlich, weiblich, mixed) werden gewertet.


Je früher du dran bist, desto günstiger ist es für dich! Nähere Infos zu den Nenngeldsprüngen folgen!

Online-Anmeldung möglich bis 07.07.2024


Nachnennung online und
vor Ort möglich! 


Bestell dir bis inkl. 07. März 2024 dein original „Krone Erzberg Adventure Days“ Sportshirt aus der neuen Kollektion zum exklusiven Vorteilspreis gleich mit dazu! Direkt bei der Anmeldung!

Dirtrun 16 km

ab € 83

Jetzt Ticket sichern!

© Mario Bühner,

© Mario Bühner,

Das erwartet dich!


Die Gösser-Runde

Der Schein trügt. Mal schnell eine Bierkiste zu schultern findest du easy? Dann ist die 1,2 Kilometer lange Gösserrunde um den türkis-blauen Schlammteich wohl auch kein Problem für dich. Weit verbreitetes Missverständnis: Die Flaschen dürfen auf der Runde nicht ausgetrunken werden!


Aufgewärmt in den Schlamm!

Die Mädels von The Jungle Body Leoben werden dafür sorgen, dass eure Muskeln allesamt aufgewärmt sind und ihr top-motiviert in euer Abenteuer starten könnt. Mit den richtigen Übungen bereiten sie euch darauf vor, jedes einzelne Hindernis zu meistern!


Hupf in Gatsch

Der Sprungturm ist dein Freibad-Highlight? Zeig uns deine prächtigsten Purzelbäume, witzigsten Sprungstile und elegantesten Arschbomben oder den perfekten Rückwärtssalto.
Mit einer Wassertiefe von fast 3 Metern im „Eintauchbecken“ ist beim "Hupf in Gatsch" alles möglich!

© Mario Bühner, emotioninpictures.at_7316_20210717_115144_196926094.png


Das weltweit, einzigartige Hindernis erlebst du nur bei den „Krone Erzberg Adventure Days“. Klettert in das gigantische Wasserbecken (Kapazität von 2,5 Millionen Liter) aus der du nur durch Unterstützung herauskommen kannst. Spüre den Berg und erzwinge den Eindicker.

Die Infos für deine Teilnahme

  • Participation requirements
    Minimum age ​Persons aged 16 and over are eligible to participate. Persons under the age of 18 must submit a signed declaration of consent to a legal guardian when picking up their bib number.< /p>
  • Route
    The AT&S Vertical Iron Sprint leads over the steepest and most demanding section of the Erzberg Dirtrun route - up over the famous "water pipe". At the Erzberg Rodeo/Red Bull Hare Scramble, the toughest off-road single race in the world, the "water pipe" mercilessly throws down dozens of professional drivers every year and has always been one of the central "stumbling blocks" in the course of the race. Even at the Erzberg Dirtrun, the water pipe is the decisive sticking point right at the beginning of the route. If you make it, you continue on a breathtaking route with up to 60 additional obstacles. If you don't make it, the fun was short and you can try your luck again next year. Now it's getting tougher than ever: Cover the 180 meter long route over Erzberg scree as quickly as possible and climb 92 meters in altitude with an extreme incline. The steepest part has an incline of 97%, but even on average you have to fight against an incline of over 50%
  • Start number issue | On-site registration
    When?Possible on the application day, July 15, 2023. Time and specific information will be announced Where? At the event area, specific information will follow Requirements for the ISSUE OF THE START NUMBER are the following documents: valid photo ID Ticket (registration confirmation) For under 18s: Declaration of consent from a legal guardian (Download ) Requirements for the REGISTRATION ON SITE are the following documents: valid photo ID Signed conditions of participation including disclaimer (Download ) For under 18s: Declaration of consent from a legal guardian(Download ) >> When registering on site, the entry fee must be paid in cash!
  • Timetable (start & finish)
    Start ​Water Pipe Bottom End. Then the next participant every 30 seconds. ​ Target ​Water pipe top end. Participants should be ready to start 45 minutes before the first start, as the shuttle buses to the start area of the VIS leave from 3:45 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
  • Transport to start/finish
    The Erzberg shuttle takes participants and visitors from the Bohrerschmiede festival site to the start at the lower end of the water pipe. After your run, the Erzberg shuttle will take you from the finish at the top end of the water pipe back to the Bohrerschmiede festival site. The use of the shuttle is free for participants and visitors. Departure to start: 15:45 - 16:00
  • timekeeping
    Time measurement: PENTEK timing with green chip Participants who do not yet have their own PENTEK chip can rent a chip for a fee of EUR 5.00 when the start number is issued. Only the yellow chips issued for this event will be read by the timing systems. Velcro straps can also be purchased for € 2.00. For reasons of hygiene, Velcro tapes are no longer taken back. Yellow chips can still be ordered online via the shop at In the interests of the environment and recycling, we ask that you voluntarily return the chip to one of the return points set up in the finish area. **WITHOUT CHIP THERE IS NO TIME TAKING!**
  • rating
    The winners of the day receive a winner's trophy and PRIZE MONEY. The 2nd and 3rd place winners (m/f) overall will receive a winner's trophy. ​ TEAM male | female | mixed ​4 people form a team. ​The fastest team (male, female and mixed) will be evaluated and receive a trophy.
  • your package
    Package 1 - Regular Ticket: Free parking in the immediate vicinity of the starting area high-quality start number >> good assignment of your participant pictures! Free bag drop and baggage carousel to mark your luggage Food at the start and finish refreshment station own timing free meals (regular/veggie) exclusive discounts at the merchandise stand own winner's ceremony High-quality winner's trophies for winning teams and prize money for daily winners Digital campaign pass with many discounts and campaigns worth at least €100 Goodie bag with lots of useful products and extras Music and show program Package 2 - Dirtrun Combo Ticket: You will receive the following additional services in addition to your Dirtrun service package: high-quality start number >> good assignment of your participant pictures! Food at the start and finish refreshment station own timing own winner's ceremony High-quality winner's trophies for winning teams and prize money for daily winners
  • getting there
    You can get to the “Krone Erzberg Adventure Days” by car or by train + bus. There is also a group on Facebook to set up Carpools from all over Austria. Plan enough time for the journey and generally come on time. We recommend: Arrive at the site at least 1 hour before the start. In any case, participants must have collected their starting documents 30 minutes before the start and go to the shuttle stop. More information on how to get here
  • accommodations
    There is a variety of accommodation to choose from around the Erzberg: from a 4-star hotel in a more urban environment to a village of huts in the middle of nature, everything is there. During the days of the event, accommodation is usually very well booked. It is therefore advisable to look for a suitable place to stay early on. More information about the accommodation
  • site regulations
    The Erzberg is still an active mining area. So that we can continue to use this unique location and can offer you top-class sporting competitions in the future, we ask you to follow certain rules during your visit and to adhere to the site regulations. To the site regulations
  • Important information for participants and visitors
    Proper clothing & footwear: You are on the Erzberg in high alpine terrain. Make sure you wear sturdy shoes and appropriate clothing - it's best to wear an onion look, as the temperatures can vary greatly between the valley and the summit. Also: the mountain is full of surprises! We know from the past few years that the Erzberg likes to show itself from different angles. From 30 degrees and sweltering heat to the wintry snow-covered summit landscape, everything was there in summer too. So be prepared for all weather conditions.
  • Dirtrun Combo Ticket
    AT&S Vertical Iron Sprint for just €19 Participants who register for the Erzberg Dirtrun will receive the ticket for the AT&S Vertical Iron Sprint for only €19 instead of the regular €29. This discount is automatically taken into account when registering online.

Zu den anderen Bewerben


Willst du mehr über die Region erfahren und wissen, was du hier sonst noch alles erleben kannst?


© Tom Lamm

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